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About Us

When first asked to do a write up about myself, I thought, oh, this should be easy. After all, I had just finished a 54,000 word novel."

Of course, I was completely wrong. Immediately, my mind went blank realizing that I actually had to write something about me and not some fictional character.

Finding myself at somewhat of a loss, I did some research on what other published authors had written. After reading a couple of bio's one glaring fact became apparent; my journey to becoming a writer was considerably different than the vast majority. I don't hold a college degree in English Literature or Language and I've never worked or spent time in the literary or publishing industries. In fact, about the only thing I have in common with other writers is my love of books.

About me, I am a native Californian—born and raised. Other than the two years I lived in Hawaii, where my first child was born, I have lived exclusively in the Los Angeles/Orange County areas.

I hold two degrees: a B.A. degree in Political Science from UCLA, and a B.S. degree in Accounting from Chapman University, Orange, CA. I paid for both degrees by working odd jobs and gambling. Yes, I wrote gambling, though I prefer the term "calculated risk."

Certainly, I'm not endorsing any type of "calculated risk" to secure one's financial means for an education. On the contrary, I believe in the old fashioned way of making money; you should earn it. I was one of the lucky ones, but that's another story altogether.