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  • posted 01-15-2012
    Your story resonates with me. I happened across your book in a very accidental way & realize it was more than coincidence. It never really is coincidence, is it?

    Outside of a few small details, you might have been telling my story. It was bittersweet and not a little painful to read your perspectives and story. I understand about the dreams, the question of what may have been, the sense that things should have been different, and that sometimes soul-mates do not get happily-ever-after, but what we do get is unforgettable and so sweet.

    I could go on, but I will stop myself here. Thank you for having the courage to share your story. It is an unexpected solace to know someone else out there has experienced what I always thought was confined to just myself.

    My best... (0)
  • posted 05-22-2011
    I met you last night at your old fraternity house. One of your brothers gave me your book as a gift. Later, I took it home and didn't sleep until I finished it. What a beautiful story. It has been with me all day. Someday I'm going to meet my Kent. I loved it. (0)
  • posted 02-01-2011
    A friend told me about the book. I loved it when I thought I wouldn't. Now I normally don't cry or get emotional about things, but your story touched me and could feel Kent's heart being crushed. I cried more than I thought I would. Thank you for the wonderful book. (0)
  • posted 01-31-2011
    I just finished reading your book. It definitely brought back many memories. I truly enjoyed it. I hope you continue to write and look forward to your next novel. (0)
  • posted 12-01-2010
    Hi Kurt,
    I met you at Barnes and Noble i belive in Whittier? fullerton? I happened to walk in there with my boyfriend and his daughter, you were standing in the main entrance and you approched me and gave me a bookmarker and started to share you book with me, then you were talking to my boyfriend and asked him if we were married he replied " not yet' Hehehehe..... anyways i just want to say thank you!!! I really enjoyed reading this book, and yes i cried, cried and cried, and i also laughed I also want to apoligize when you had asked me if i wanted you to sign my book and i said "no" I have no idea what i was thinking, I'm glad you did
    Oh..... by the way I'm going to have my boyfriend read your book.
    May the Lord continue to bless you and your family (0)
  • posted 11-17-2010
    What were you thinking? Much too close to my heart. I cried.

    Okay, here's my confession, a friend gave me the book, sorry I didn't buy it. But it was a great read. Much too fast though - I wanted more. I promise to buy your next one.

    Anyways, after reading it she gave it to me and said I'd like it. She was so wrong, I absolutely loved it. I had to come to your website and comment. I cried, sobbed really. Thanks for such a touching story. (0)
  • posted 10-31-2010
    Hi Kurt,

    I had the pleasure of meeting you in early October at your book signing in the Barnes & Noble near Whittier, CA. I enjoyed the book very much, it inspired me to work harder on my own writing. Who knows, maybe I'll actually finish one of my half done novels!

    Keep up the good writing!

    Best wishes,

    Erin (1)
  • posted 10-28-2010
    Yes, I know it's fiction, right? Opal seems too real to be fake or are you that good of a writer. I have to know - was there really an Opal?

    I grew up in that time frame and experienced many of the same things. I loved it! Thanks.

    Sally S. (1)
  • posted 10-26-2010
    Hi Kurt,

    It was a pleasure meeting you...I'm glad my husband bought this book for me. He's been trying to make me read more. Surprisingly, I finished this book the day after the night we purchased it. This is one of the very few books I read completely and actually enjoyed. Thank you so much for the extra copy you gave me to pass around as well..my friend is in the middle of reading it. (1)
  • posted 10-26-2010
    The book's emotional and philosophical thoughts are well thought out. It is a simple story, but on a very complicated topic, love. There are so many books on love from psychological, philosophical and physiological perspectives out there that we can all be confused about what it really means to a young naive teenager feeling it for the first time. I think we forget and often do not "hear" the male perspective, so this book is refreshing in offering this point of view.

    I would have enjoyed a different ending, but such is life. Perhaps in the next one. Either way, it was well written with several clear messages. (0)
  • posted 10-25-2010
    Hi Kurt,

    It was a pleasure to speak with you in Fullerton this past weekend. I am not much of a book reader, but both my husband and I had our books, did not turn on the TV and both read in silence engrossed in our individual books. You were right, I cried and completely enjoyed your book. I sent it home with my Mom yesterday, thanks for such a great story and I look forward to the next one that you have in the works. Susan (1)
  • posted 10-23-2010
    I met you this morning, bought your book and finished reading it tonight. I have never completed a book in my life in such a short time frame. It was a real page turning.

    It was great to talk with you and I cried several times. Great job. (0)
  • posted 10-15-2010
    Hi Kurt,

    Just wanted to say I LOVED the book. Finished it last night while dead heading to my overnight. Can't wait for my hubby to read it. Also,can't wait for your next one. Be sure to let us know when it comes out. Glad to see there are a few Kent's left out there. (0)
  • posted 10-14-2010
    I met you at a Barns & Noble signing this past week and purchased your book. Thank you again for taking some time to discuss your love story and writing your inscription in the book. Yes, I cried at the end. I read the book in one day, on my patio after gardening, while listening to country songs of broken hearts.
    I went to school in Orange County and spent many days of skipping school at the local beaches and areas. Loved remembering and yes, I really loved the book. I share my haunting with you only because you start the story about your dreams....I can totally relate. (0)
  • posted 10-13-2010
    I just finished reading your book and i just loved it. !!!I I grew up in Tustin so many of the places you mentioned were ones with good memories.
    I so wish Kent & Opal would have ended up together.. I can't stop thinking about what if ?One or the other had just made the phone call that next day after re-connecting. A great story looking forward to your next book. (1) (0)